Tuesday, June 4, 2019

How the tourist will claim for the tax (VAT) money refund on shopping abroad ?

How the tourist will claim for the tax (VAT) money refund on shopping abroad ?

(the answer)
Tax Refund for Shopping Tourists Global Guide (self service)android multilingual app.
It is the release of this applications in several (103)languages
 $ 2.99 - for this multilingual app, and will also be possible to buy here -(down this page)

This Edition Publishing in languages: 
Marathi,Mongolian,Mayanmar(Burmese),Norwegian,Pashto,Persian,Polish,Punjabi,Romanian,Samoan,Scots Galeic,
Swedish,Tajik,Tamil,Telugu,Thai,Ukrainian,Urdu,Uzbek,Vietnamese,Welsh,Xhosa,Yiddish,Yoruba,Zulu. (103 languages)

This includes about 60 (clickable) links to (tourist destinations)- countries with detailed and practical explanations (usually) from official sources.


The Purpose - (Mission -Business Plan) of this guide is to help you claim back the tax (VAT) money of 
shopping for tourists worldwide globally , This self-service without help in offices that will 

charge you commissions and earn back the purchase money also of this app.

The detailed guide on how to get tax refunds for tourists in the following places:

South Africa | Australia | China | Germany | Ireland | Nigeria |Turkey -Scam | | TBILISI, GEORGIA | Mauritius | Vienna Airport |
Stansted (London) Airport | Overseas businesses and UK VAT | Dubai UAE | Republic of Poland | Moneyning | USA | MexicoBarcelona (Span)
Paris-France |
| Keflavik-Airport (IS) | Bangkok Thailand  | Portugal LisbonFrankfurt-Airport | Latvia |
| Tokyo-Japan| Czech Republic | Belarus (Minsk) | Russia | Uganda | Egypt | Kenya |
TRS Claim (AU) online | Colombia | Rajasthan (IN) | Taipei (TW) | Bangladesh |Hungary | Nepal | Vietnam | Jamaica | Finland | Pakistan | Thailand | Vanuatu | Nigeria | Nepal |
Kaohsiung Airport (TW) | Ecuador | France | Telangana (IN) |Sri Lanka | Ghana |gov.uk |
|Kerala (IN) | New Zealand | Ireland | Germany | China | South Africa

Punjab (IN)| Philippines | Singapore | Korea (South) | New Zealand | Vanuatu | Italy |

Here you can buy the Multilingual  Edition of the "Tax Refund for Shopping Tourists Global Guide " (self-service)of android app.for $2.99.(after the pay pal payment you get Immediately this app  link).


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